Email subscribers are the best customers

Email promotions

The problem is information fatigue – information overload in a world awash with messages. Subscribers will fish your mail contact out of their messy pile only if they know it’s going to be aligned with their interests. They’re already inclined to accept your messages because they opted in but if it’s not relevant, it will be discarded along with everything else that’s insignificant. To make email marketing effective, it must establish a relationship of trust and reward with the subscriber. Through targeting, behavioural analysis and unique promotional offers only available to subscribers, email is in a position to dominate the conversion landscape when done well.

Email marketing case study

In the case of an email campaign I planned for a client company – evolving it from a scattershot approach using obsolete technology to a focused campaign that negotiated with the customer exactly on their terms. The more we understand about our users, their interactions with the email, the better we can advise then of the benefits we offer over and above the competition.

Learn. Listen. They will respond. To read the email marketing case study, click here.

To summarise the experience in three bullets:

1 Get a consistent technical solution that and allows you to evolve your messaging on mobile

2 Open Rate is higher and more important than Click Through Rate because eyes-on 

3 People love the human stories behind the brand and shopping experience so engage the community as appropriate