Google Your Lost Android Phone – now in Ireland

Google My Phone

In a move prompted by a tweet to link the WSJ Article entitled “You can now Google Your Lost Android Phone” I googled my phone.

Google ‘find my phone’ on Google

Turns out this is a super easy thing to do. You go to your Google search and type “find my phone” and away she goes.( For the uninitiated.)

Enter your password to receive the info. It brings up a small circle on a map, says “Accurate to a range of 21 meters”. Could be on the street outside?

But, now you can just click to send it a tone and make it ring if you mislaid it somehow. Meaning, you can Google things in your house now. Which is good. Or in your pocket, in my case, because that’s exactly where the phone was when I Googled it.

Needs a Youtube for VR3DHD

REcode – Google Buys Tilt Brush … story

BREAKING: Google buys a promising VR software company. At first glance I thought it said “Google bought a paint brush” but it turns out that Tilt Brush is a VR painting app you need a VR headset to use. Tilt Brush is a VR painting app that Google bought over,  terms not disclosed. This will needs some kind of Youtube for VR3DHD movies, perhaps? (Virtual Reality 3D High Definition – I made it up) so I can visit your virtual reality on the network.

Suffice to say, looks amaz.e