Chimp hunt – shocking and impressive

This clip describes the hunting process of a chimp troop as they round up some monkey prey. Feasting on their spoils, the group reinforces bonds and sets a pecking order.
This is brutal and fascinating like nature itself. Observing the faces of the chimps is like an insight into intelligent life through time immemorial. Don’t be sensitive, be impressed with the stark ecology of the forest.

Podcast: Oh Sit Down with Born Optimistic, Ep 2: Tim Booth

Born Optimistic - Tim Booth

Oh sit down with the original new age new romanticsism of Tim Booth, lead singer 90s superstars, James, on this week’s Born Optimistic podcast. From his middle-class beginnings in a Yorkshire town to his back-to-nature role in Big Sur, Tim Booth’s career in pop music spans four long decades of, he hope, progress.

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Take a trip inside Moby’s head in the first episode of new interview podcast: Born Optimistic

Moby talks booze, black holes and autobiographies in this new Born Optimistic podcast recorded by producer Donal Scannell where he has a deep conversation with DJ and pop superstar Moby about what makes him get out of bed every day. In this unusual and original spiritual podcast for the millennial age, Donal challenges the passionate activist to tell us what makes him feel happy.

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Content Shot: WikiTube Chrome Extension

WikiTube - Chrome Extension

Most of the Chrome Extensions I use are installed and uninstalled a few minutes later. Extensions are leaky and I’m performance oriented so, for the marginal benefits of most extensions I just leave them out. I got my ad blockers (so sue me) and my privacy extensions humming away in the background to manage my content experience, I have some utilities and my set up is not optimal or minimal but it’s something I think about from time to time. Continue reading


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