Take a trip inside Moby’s head in the first episode of new interview podcast: Born Optimistic

Moby talks booze, black holes and autobiographies in this new Born Optimistic #1 podcast recorded by producer Donal Scannell where he has a deep conversation with DJ and pop superstar Moby about what makes him get out of bed every day. In this unusual and original spiritual podcast for the millennial age, Donal challenges the passionate activist to tell us what makes him feel happy. 


Born Optimistic with Moby

Before rising to the status of the poster boy for balding vegans to finally replace Mahatma Ghandi, Moby was raised in poverty, spent time sleeping rough and had his brushes with debauchery.  Now, in between owning and operating his vegan restaurant and making albums, Moby sees his every day job is as an activist for causes he believes in because, he says, it’s the only useful application for fame. 

In this the wide ranging discussion, Moby discusses spirituality matters, his own shortcomings, the personal and legal challenges of writing a memoir and navigating in LA traffic.

Would you describe yourself as an optimist?

“I’m hoping that God is not about to press the reset button on humanity.”

Moby ponders big topics of existence and the transcendent as the philosophic musician and animal-rights activist shares his views in an inviting exchange with conversationalist and producer Donal Scannell, recorded at his home in LA last November 2016.

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Born Optimistic: Ep1: Moby

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