Content Shot: WikiTube Chrome Extension

WikiTube - Chrome Extension

Most of the Chrome Extensions I use are installed and uninstalled a few minutes later. Extensions are leaky and I’m performance oriented so, for the marginal benefits of most extensions I just leave them out. I got my ad blockers (so sue me) and my privacy extensions humming away in the background to manage my content experience, I have some utilities and my set up is not optimal or minimal but it’s something I think about from time to time.

WikiTube Extension is Essential

The one extension I find essential is the WikiTube extension. You look up a topic, say, The Communist Control Act, WikiTube searches, finds and presents relevant Youtube videos about that topic at the top of that Wikipedia page.

WikiTube provides video for Wikipedia pages

Bank of Video

The bank of video looks good racked there at the head of the page and the relevance is usually really spot on. It gives the Wikipedia research experience a lot more depth and contributes to creating a universal knowledge environment. It works unobtrusively and smoothly elevates the Wikipedia experience to a new level. The benefits of this extension to me in the past couple of years are incalculable.

WikiTube Chrome Extension – simple and superb. Me and 17,777 other users can’t be wrong.