One Good Reason to Have Fun Content Marketing

content marketing fun is good

Thou shalt not mix thy metaphors. This content marketing presentation by Squaredot purports to offer data driven insights. It’s well designed and interestingly, from my point of view, a key insight is that companies find it hard to write. But this pres botches the metaphor and it doesn’t know if it is a commandment or a bible. I’m fussy, you see, but this is why I gets paid the big editorial bucks.

One commandment that didn’t feature in the Bible and which I would like to tack on to the end, Revelations style, in what I will call the 666th Commandment (I’m all in now) is – have fun.

Quotidian Oblivion

If you’re having fun with your content it carries over. It spikes up the team spirit. It rescues a quotidian week from oblivion and as a marketer, it gives you something to shout about. Livens up the blog. Writers got to work the muscle too, although there’s always a compromise between how you instinctively stylize and the marketing goals – but that kind of creative limitation allows you to flourish.

content marketing fun
10 Green Bottles

Making the beer industry fit into the conservation and carbon offsets market is easy, it turns out. Brewers are highly attuned to their environment, because as one of the greener ones says, they are “wholly dependent on an intact nature”. Brewers have their ear to the ground, in a manner of speaking. Life below in the steamy cellars and the plough rows and the ultimate tap assessment brings them close to the real world. Brewers can start to see ways they can do things to help themselves.

Unexpected Bonus

By the same token, having some fun with content marketing can bring the real world closer, create an environment in which the creative team and the readership can interact with the company goals.

I bodged together two of my top topics, beer and environmental action into an original post entitled 10 Green Bottles: The Most Carbon Neutral Beers. As an unexpected bonus, I found that some brewers are some of the best behaved producers in the food processing business – nice – what about you, Big Milk?

The reason you should have fun is because – it’s fun.